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CMS & E-Commerce

Shopping online is growing rapidly in India and across the world. Many emerging entrepreneurs have started and running e-commerce shops successfully. There are also several solutions for budding e-commerce vendors. Some of these help you get started with selling online within a matter of hours, while others might require months of development. Technological requirements for selling online, hence, is highly dependent of the type of business and the target audience. A solution that suits well for a multi-category e-commerce portal with a big product catalogue will be overkill for a small site with handful of products.

Selling online involves exchange of money online through banks and payment gateways. We have integrated a wide variety of payment gateways for our customers.We can make the whole process of e-commerce less complicated by sitting down with you and planning the different stages. We would learn about your business model, and then apply what we have learnt through the years to your specific needs. We can also advise on the best payment gateway solution for your particular requirements.

i) User can buy their items in 2 steps(Add Multiple Items to Cart + Quick Checkout)
– Custom Options with Live Price Change in Product List.
– User can increase/decrease the Product Count Instantly.
ii) Add Multiple Products at once
– User can Add Multiple Items to Cart with a Single Click
– We can display categories based on Daily Needs, Monthly Needs etc. They can order all items in single click instantly.
iii) One Step Checkout :
All below options in Single Page
– Cart Items
iv) Delivery Schedule :
– User can schedule their order at their convenient time, based on time slot.
– Admin can manage time slot and if any special delivery, admin can set additional cost for delivery.

Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are an Open Source, PHP & MYSQL based content management system for publishing and managing the content on the website. Many aspects, including its ease of use and extensibility has made Joomla as the most popular Web site software available by a vibrant and growing population of friendly users & talented developers.
We are CMS development company, has good expertise on WordPress Development, Joomla customization, modification and custom component development. Our Drupal developers create powerful websites that are scalable and easy to maintain. This websites are robust and supports the features mentioned below.
CMS Features:
•Easy Manageability
•News, products, services and polls sections are editable and manageable
•Topics sections can be added by the owner of the website, as per his business requirement
•Websites have a customizable layouts which can be manipulated as per the changes required
•Support for browser upload of images to your own library for use anywhere in the website
•Dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting features for getting on the spot results